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27 August 2012

Don’t forget to claim your free £20 at Jackpot Joy - find details in the members area plus a load of other great deals.

10 August 2012

Welcome to the new site layout.  Look out for new additions appearing in the members area such as special offers and promotions. Access Now to become a member FREE.

02 August 2012

Now included in the members area is free access to the Poker Strategy Guide - start winning at the tables today!

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If you're interested in fruit machine cheats, you've come to the right place! We have put together a nice little package that will help you walk away with a profit and a smile!

Introducing the Fruit Machine Cheats Guide

The systems, cheats and strategies presented in the Fruit Machine Cheats guide can show you how to legally empty a fruit machine within 5 minutes. Have a look at the following quote from the 107 page manual before you go ahead and access the information today:

"...for about 3 seconds. The machine will then empty itself via the usual payout slot at the bottom section of the machine. It will empty every coin and token it is holding, before..."

It is in fact possible to win money from fruit machines time after time. As well as information on payback percentage, guidance as to which machines to play, and the theory behind machine timing, the manual includes several useful systems, all presented in a straightforward way with easy to follow instructions:

You will find out how to get profit from each fruit machine you play. If you multiply all these profits by the fruit machines in your area, you will begin to see that by using the information and systems in the manual, you could be making £100s in extra cash each and every week you play, and having fun at the same time!

All the information is perfectly legal - arcade and pub owners are not able to do anything other than ban you from their establishment, as you are not doing anything illegal when you use the information. The systems work because for each person that knows how to take profits from a fruit machine, there are hundreds more pumping thousands of pounds into fruit machines for little or no return. Do not be one of these people anymore!

Now updated to include the Poker Strategy Guide

Now you can get the Poker Strategy Guide for FREE as part of your download of the Fruit Machine Cheats Guide. This additional manual is helpful for both beginners and more experienced players - as online poker becomes more popular, so it becomes harder to consistently take away a profit from the tables. This manual helps you keep ahead of the competition and assists you in becoming a winner.

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